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We have been producing pattern for foundries to produce  metal castings , fiberglass products and tooling for other industries since 1958. The knowledge and skill of our Patternmakers continues to provide our customers with the tooling they need to make their products.
While of course we have moved with the times and updated our product to suite the changing requirements of the manufacturing market place, the core requirement of providing our customer with a quality tooling using our years of experience and skill is our commitment. 
Please send us you digital file, drawings or sketches so we can help you with you next project, or just call and we can set up a meeting.
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Secret to our success? 
typical wood patterns mounted to board.
Large loose pattern , black piece, for a Stainless steel mixer blade for mixing 'Silly Putty"
Master patterns used to produce cast matchplates for production manufacturing of iron castings.
Match plate made from master pattern .
3d model of a part customer had i make tooling for to produce cast aluminum parts, part of a mixer head
CNC machining of 5 point star pattern
CNC machining of iron corebox
Custom 165deg Elbow.
CNC machined Iron Shell corebox and Cast matchplate pattern.
Spin Chuck for aluminum forming, made from "dynablock hardboard" , material is no longer available.
Cast iron Spinning tool.pattern made then  cast and machined  by WDPattern
metal spinnings from tools we made , used for blower and air handling systems
Hard Mable spinning chuck
original bronze bust, color different because of light onditions
Hard maple spin chuck with hardened steel wear rings
Copy of Bronze Bust of  Dupont for 2nd hospital location. Fiberglass with Bronze coating.
the  bike my father rode after WW2, about 1936 design, it has a 4 valve cylinder head and the head was cast from bronze!
sample of our work
HRD Vincent Rapide C, just because it's a cool old bike.